Gandhi Memorial Museum, a must-see attraction in Madurai, is situated in Rani Mangammal's magnificent ancient palace. The museum provides a window into beautiful incidents of independence movements, views into the Gandhian movement, and a vast collection of antiquities.

Madurai has an unbreakable bond with Gandhi. Meenakshi temple was opened to Harijans, marking a watershed moment in the battle against untouchability. The palace that presently houses the museum was completed during Naick's reign around 1670 AD. A model of a Sevagram hut sits in front of the museum's main structure.

Browse through the museum's extensive book collection, as well as Gandhi's old letters and microfilm reels. An open-air theater on the south side of the main structure serves as a venue for diverse cultural activities. Plan your trip to participate in the different festivities taking place here. As part of Gandhi Jayanti, a five-day programme is organized every year. The museum has a section devoted to certain aspects of Gandhi's life.

Beautiful drawings in panels in the part titled 'India Fights for liberation' trace the liberation movement. This part was created by converting the palace's durbar hall. The visual biography part includes rare photographs that trace Gandhi's life from childhood. Manuscripts, paintings, and sculptures on Gandhi are also on show here. The final segment includes around 100 objects used by Mahatma Gandhi. These items include Gandhi's letter to Hitler and the blood-stained robe he wore on the day he was slain.

Historical Roots: The Birthplace of the Museum
The Gandhi Museum in Madurai finds its roots in the iconic Tamukkam Palace, where Mahatma Gandhi stayed during his visit to Madurai in 1921. The palace served as the venue for the All India Congress Committee session held in 1921, a pivotal moment in India’s fight against colonial rule. The museum was later established to commemorate this significant event and preserve the memory of Gandhi’s visit.
Chronicles of Nonviolent Resistance: Exhibits and Artifacts
The museum houses a rich collection of exhibits and artifacts that encapsulate the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi. From personal belongings and letters to photographs and documents, each item tells a story of nonviolent resistance, resilience, and unwavering commitment to justice. The exhibits serve as windows into the pivotal moments of India’s struggle for freedom.

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    Visual Biography of Mahatma Gandhi

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